Application Form for Registration as a Beneficiary

  • Under the Building and Other Construction Workers (Regulation of Employment and Conditions of Service) Act, 1996 and the Building and Other Construction Workers Welfare Cess Act, 1998, the rules for A&N Islands were framed in the year 2003 and in 2010/2014 & 2015 these rules were further amended to include various welfare schemes for the workers.
  • The A&N Islands Building and Other Construction Workers Welfare Board was constituted in the year 2009 in order to frame and implement various welfare schemes in pursuance of the said Acts. Various authorities for registration of workers, cess collection, Inspection and Appealing Authority have been notified accordingly.
  • Welfare Schemes for the registered construction workers by the A&N Islands Building and Other Construction Worker’s Welfare Board

    • Medical Assistance: -The medical assistance @ Rs. 200/- per day for the first 5 days of hospitalisation *and Rs. 100 per day for the remaining days subject to a maximum of Rs. 5,000/-. The beneficiary shall be entitled for Rs. 1,00,000/-in the event of medical referred cases* to the Mainland of the beneficiary or his/her dependents to the Mainland by the Govt. Medical Authorities for treatment. The beneficiaries are required to produce medical certificate. Subject to production of referral letter from competent authority Rs. 1000/-for Beneficiary or their "Family" in case of emergency treatment in hospital operating in Andaman & Nicobar Islands (once in a year). * Medical referral cases from outer Islands of Andaman & Nicobar Islands to Port Blair. Subject to production of referral remarks by Govt. Hospital/PHC in outer Islands Rs. 600/- per day for the period of their stay in Port Blair subject to maximum of Rs.15000/-
      *The beneficiaries are required to produce medical certificate
      *subject to production of referral letter from competent authority. CLAIM FORM
    • Payment of Death Benefit: - An amount of Rs. 1,00,000/- shall be sanctioned to the nominees or dependents of a beneficiary towards natural death benefit. If the death is due to an accident during the course of employment, the nominee or dependent of the beneficiary may be given Rs. Two Lakh towards death benefit.* Rs.50000/- only case of accidental death of non-registered construction workers subject to production of certificate from Tehsildar of concerned area stating that the deceased was a construction worker. CLAIM FORM
    • Payment of Funeral Assistance: - An amount of Rs.5000/- may be sanctioned to the nominees/dependents of a deceased member, towards funeral expenses. CLAIM FORM
    • Pension Benefit: - Registered construction worker, who has completed 55 years of age, is eligible for pension @ Rs 1000/-per month.
      *if he/she has continued as such worker for a continuous period of not less than five years and regularly paid contribution to the fund. CLAIM FORM
    • Educational Assistance: - Registered construction worker’s son or daughter who is studying in any class as specified in Column No:1 of the following table, shall be eligible to get the amount as specified in column No: 2 of the following table as Educational Allowance CLAIM FORM

      Class Amount of Educational Assistance ( Rs. Per month)

      Class 1 to 5


      Class 6 to 8


      Class 9 to 12


      Diploma/Graduate Studies


      Vocational Training through ITI


      Post Graduate Studies



      MBBS/BE/Professional Course the Board shall incur the entire cost of stuy for meritous students, on a case to case basis. subject to approval of Andaman & Nicobar Building and Other Construction Workers Welfare Board.

    • Marriage Assistance: - Registered construction worker, sanction a shall be eligible to get an amount of Rs 20,000 (Rupees twenty thousand only) as assistance to meet the marriage expenses of the worker or his/her two dependent children. CLAIM FORM
    • Maternity Benefit : - The women employees who are registered beneficiary for a period of one year shall be given a sum of Rs. 20000/- as maternity benefit during the period of maternity. The male employees who are registered beneficiary for a period of one year and whose wife is 19 years or more and not a registered beneficiary shall also be given a sum of Rs.10000/- as maternity benefit. CLAIM FORM
    • Disability Assistance : - The Secretary of the Board may sanction an amount not exceeding 25% of the total amount of compensation due, as calculated under Employees Compensation Act 1923 on production of certificate from competent medical authorities in respect of percentage of disability along with application for grant of assistance in Form W along with last pay slip age proof. the ex-facto approval from Board shall be obtained for the same.CLAIM FORM
    • Skill Development Assistance : -The Secretary of the Board may sanction tool kits not exceeding Rs.10000/- to the registered Construction Worker or their two children’s. The application in Form Y shall be accompanied with successful course/Trade completion certificate from Govt. Industrial Training Institute or Vocational Training Centre.CLAIM FORM



    Total Number of Workers registered as on 30th Nov 2018 - 14902

    Total Cess Collected as on 30th Nov 2018- Rs.64.52Crore

    Total amount disbursed on various benefits as on date - Rs. 101530030.00

    Total No of Awareness Camps as on 30th Nov 2018- 230

    List of Registered Beneficiary under Andaman & Nicobar Islands Building and Other Construction Worker's Welfare Board


    No. of Beneficiaries

    Total Amount ( Rs .)

    Educational Assistance



    Medical Assistance



    Maternity Benefit



    Death Benefit



    Marriage Assistance



    Funeral Assistance



    Pension Benefit